Building Our Future Salute to Donors

As of November 21, 2013 the following donors have given and/or pledged a total of $143,239 toward this effort. Please consider adding your name to this list of Trinity Episcopal School supporters! With the help of these folks and others to come, we will be able to furnish and operate The Robert L. and Ann Moody Activity Center for years to come!

Dr. and Mrs. Courtney Townsend
John and Joal Donovan
E.J. Pederson
Vicente Resto
Bill and Libbie Ansell
Jo Ann Del Papa
Susan Duif
Michael and Carol Malloy
Joan and Doug McLeod
Meg Walker and Craig Janek
David and Rebecca Hughes
Dr. Marinel Ammenheuser
Dr. John M. Wallace
Fredrick and Lawren Bradford
Farmer's Marine Copper Works, Inc.
Peggy L. McMullen
Dotsy Balentine
Linda Dolfi and Nana Hornbeck
Rebecca Hughes
Andrew and Nancy Wahmhoff
Mari Allmond
Fred and Kimblyn Raschke
Carolyn and John Clyburn
Carolee A. King
Nikki and Charlie Pattillo
Jack Bell
Chris and Thomala Walker
Michael and Tamara Wisner
Brad and Gina Thomas
Kathy and John VanDewalli
Diane M. Peña
C. Lynn Davis, DDS
Greg and Catherine Garrison
Rebecca Hughes