Administrative Team and Board of Trustees

Mark Ravelli, Head of School

Mark Ravelli

Title(s) Head of School
Location(s) Lower School Office, 1st Floor
Education B.S. Assumption College, M.Ed. Worcester State University
Experience 30 Years with PK-8, 1 Year at Trinity

Chloe Knauer, Director of Advancement and Admission

Chloe Knauer
Title(s) Director of Advancement and Admission Location(s) Lower School Office, 1st Floor Education B.A. University of Texas, Austin Experience 12 Years with PK-8, 4 Years at Trinity

Melanie Buck, Financial Administrator

Melanie Buck

Title(s) Financial Administrator
Location(s) Lower School Office, 2nd Floor
Experience 2 Years with PK-8, 2 Years at Trinity

Trisha Leimer, Director of Beginning School

Trisha Leimer
Title(s) Director of Beginning School Location(s) Beginning School Education B.S. Texas A&M University, College Station Experience 12 Years with PK-8, 3 Years at Trinity

Stephanie Frye, Director of Student Life

Stephanie Frye
Title(s) Director of Student Life Location(s) Lower School Education B.S. Texas A&M University, College Station Experience 5 Years with PK-8, 5 Years at Trinity

Theresa Pistone, Director of Technology

Theresa Pistone

Title(s) Technology Director and Teacher
Location(s) Computer Lab
Education B.S. University of Houston, Clear Lake
Experience 26 Years with PK-8, 7 Years at Trinity

Anna Hyatt, Middle School Program Director

Anna Hyatt
Title(s) Middle School Program Director Location(s) MAC Office Education B.S. University of Texas, Austin Experience 5 Years with PK-8, 5 Years at Trinity

2018-2019 School Board of Trustees

We are deeply thankful for the many ways in which Trustees enhance the everyday experiences of our students and keep alive the long-term sustainability of Trinity Episcopal School. Thank you for making a difference in our learning community.


The Rev. Susan KennardChair
Catherine GarrisonPresident
Pat AdamsVice-President
Matt FurlongTreasurer/Past President
Mary CooperSecretary
Mary Lou ShufflerVestry Representative
Mark RavelliHead of School
Nita CaskeyMember
Dominic EtienneMember
Laura FloresMember
Margie FrantzMember
Randy GarciaMember
Kevin HarrintonMember
Michael HughesMember
Angela ShepherdMember
Jocelyn SullivanMember
Mijka WoodsMember

Support Staff

Leah Tovar, Administrative Assistant

Leah Tovar
Title(s) Administrative Assistant  Location(s) Lower School Main Office  Experience 7 Years with PK-8, 2 Years at Trinity

Ron Cordero, Maintenance

Ron Cordero
Title(s) Head of Maintenance  Location(s) Lower School  Experience 1 Year at Trinity