• The decision to send our children to Trinity Episcopal School has been one of the best decisions that my husband and I have made. We chose Trinity because we wanted an environment where our children would be academically challenged and nurtured spiritually. In addition to meeting these needs, Trinity has given my children the opportunity to grow and develop through many other activities, including theater, art, choir, and sports. We are so fortunate to have Trinity and the dedicated teachers and staff that truly are focused on educating the mind, body, and spirit of each child. - Sharon Rouse Metyko, Parent of Alumni


  • The education and experience at Trinity taught me essential skills and strategies that have helped me become a successful student. I learned how to study effectively and received a great foundation in grammar, science, and math; all of which have helped to tackle the challenges of high school and the SAT. -- Christof Gault, Trinity Graduate, Class of 2016 & Jan Brown Award Recipient


  • A word from board member, Matthew Furlong:

    The mission of TES is to nurture children in a God-centered environment, filling hearts and minds with a passion for learning, a strong moral foundation, a commitment to social responsibility, and respect for all people.

    As a long-time board member and parent of three TES graduates, I have witnessed firsthand the successful achievement of the school’s mission. All three of my children received a robust academic foundation at TES that served them well through high school, college, and on into adulthood, where they remain intellectually curious.

    My children also demonstrate a strong moral foundation through their behaviors, the opinions they express and the decisions they make - which I as a parent especially appreciate – and each of them embraces the importance of being socially responsible and respectful of all people.

    In short, they are good people and good citizens to a meaningful extent due to their experience at TES. Enrolling your children at TES requires some sacrifice and I believe most parents who choose to send their children to TES do so because the values expressed in the School’s mission are consistent with and reinforce the values they as parents hold as essential for their children.


  • I count myself fortunate to have worked with many bright and talented students during my years at Ball High School. Among those students, one group stands out above the others – students rained at Trinity school. Trinity students come to high school with a distinct advantage. In short, they come prepared to learn. They know how to make the most of their time in class, how to study, how to work productively with others, and how to communicate with both teachers and peers. During their Trinity years, they have learned what it takes to succeed, and they generally continue to use those important skills to become high school leaders and honor roll students bound for college. I commend the faculty and administration of the Trinity Schools for the excellent work they are doing to prepare young people for higher education and the future. -- Claudia Maveety, Ball High School English and French Teacher, 2005-2011


  • For the past 10 years, Trinity has provided our children with stability, strong values, and a love for learning. As the famous commercial says, "PRICELESS." -- Mike and Linda Dolfi, Parents of Alumni


  • Trinity is a very special place. It is a small, close-knit community with the perfect balance of religion, academics, athletics, and the arts. The teachers are first-rate. My extended family visits Trinity often, and they always tell us how lucky we are to have found such an outstanding school.  We are very lucky indeed. -- Arden Cragar, Lead Teacher and Parent of Alumni


  • Trinity has been good to our family. The nurturing small academic environment lays a wonderful foundation for high school and college. The support between parents and teachers is invaluable. I am ever grateful. -- Maggie Kelso, Middle School, and Alumni Parent 


  • The most striking thing about Trinity is the caring and nurturing environment it fosters. Lower schoolers look after and help pre-kinders, middle schoolers look after and help lower schoolers and the faculty look after and care for them all. My own 5th grader looks forward to helping two kindergarteners each morning at the bus. Trinity feeds children's hearts as well as their minds. -- Mike Kennedy & Lori Antman, Current Parents


  • I hear stories of children who grow through the Trinity School and retain that network and solid framework of friends and adults throughout their high school and college careers. I don't know of a single parent who wouldn't want that for their child. I certainly do. -- Elizabeth Rogers, Beginning School Parent