Rosenberg Library

Libraries open doors to entirely new worlds by providing access to knowledge and guidance in research. We enjoy a close relationship with neighboring Rosenberg Library, the oldest public library in Texas in continuous operation. Our students visit Rosenberg regularly to check out books, explore the museum and take part in activities hosted by the Children's Center.

Reading Counts

Reading Counts is a Scholastic Inc. program that organizes children’s literature by reading level and provides quizzes to help document student progress. The program is utilized throughout our Lower School grades (1-5). At the heart of our English Language Arts curriculum is the desire to instill in children a life-long love of reading. Reading Counts helps us place books in the hands of children which are at the correct reading level (or just a bit more of a challenge) and which are self-selected according to interest. The program gives teachers critical knowledge to be able to suggest or “assign” books as well that might be beneficial to a child’s language development. Trinity has access to every quiz that is available in Reading Counts, but appropriate quizzes may not be available for all books including Scholastic Books.