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For 70 years, Trinity Episcopal School has been shaping young minds through spirited discourse and enthusiastic inquiry, in an environment that emphasizes mind, body and spirit. Our school combines rigorous academics in a God-centered environment with competitive athletics, excellent fine arts, innovative technological instruction, and service programs to create an inspired education.

A word from board member, Matthew Furlong:

The mission of TES is to nurture children in a God-centered environment, filling hearts and minds with a passion for learning, a strong moral foundation, a commitment to social responsibility, and respect for all people.

As a long-time board member and parent of three TES graduates, I have witnessed firsthand the successful achievement of the school’s mission. All three of my children received a robust academic foundation at TES that served them well through high school, college, and on into adulthood, where they remain intellectually curious.

My children also demonstrate a strong moral foundation through their behaviors, the opinions they express and the decisions they make - which I as a parent especially appreciate – and each of them embraces the importance of being socially responsible and respectful of all people.

In short, they are good people and good citizens to a meaningful extent due to their experience at TES. Enrolling your children at TES requires some sacrifice and I believe most parents who choose to send their children to TES do so because the values expressed in the School’s mission are consistent with and reinforce the values they as parents hold as essential for their children.