Tours are available during the school day by appointment. Check the Visit Us page for more information and please email Chloe Knauer at cknauer@tesgalv.org if you have questions.

Prospective students may be given an abbreviated entrance exam during their shadow day visit. Note, a shadow day may be scheduled after the application and supporting documents have been received by the Trinity Office of Advancement & Admission.

Following receipt of all required documentation, shadow day, assessment and interview, (if applicable) the application moves to the review process. Following a review, the decision letter is sent to the family electronically.

Enrichment Classes:

  • PK2-PK4 participate in weekly classes for Music and Movement and make monthly Library visits.
  • K-6 students participate in weekly Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art classes.
  • Grades 2-6 students have formal classes in Computer Science.
  • Middle School students participate in PE, Technology, Art, Spanish, and Electives in Leadership classes.
  • All students take on leadership roles in Tuesday/Thursday Morning Chapel
Yes. Our students are administered standardized test during the spring semester each school year.The IOWA Assessments happen annually for the CoGat are administered every other year https://www.testingmom.com/tests/cogat-test/

School hours are as follows:

  • PK2 – PK4 hours for the academic program are 8:00AM-12:00PM (Extended Day is available until 5:30PM)
  • K-8 hours are 8:00AM-3:00PM (Stay & Play Programs available until 5:30PM)
Yes. Trinity Episcopal School students in grades K-8 wear required uniform. Uniforms are purchased through Ibiley Uniform Company. Dress link for Grades Kindergarten through Grade 5   https://www.ibiley.com/dresscode.aspx?ar=ARE1TRINIT&dp=K-5T&div=K-5th&name=TRINITY%20EPISCOPAL%20SCHOOL Dress link for Middle School   https://www.ibiley.com/dresscode.aspx?ar=AR99TRINI&dp=PRIV&div=PRIVATE%20SCHOOL&name=TRINITY%20EPISCOPAL%20SCHOOL  

Yes. It is available here.