Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees Schedule

 TutionMonthly PaymentFees
Beginning School$6,480$648$250
Lower School$9,600$960$600
Middle School$10,750$1,075$600

* PTO Fees $35.00 per family
* All families must join the PTO

Monthly payments begin on August 1st (Auto-draft payments will be deducted on the 20th of each month).

New Student Application Fee: $75 (non-refundable)

Enrollment Notes:

  1. Tuition will be prorated for all students entering after September 30, 2021.
  2. Full enrollment fee is required for all students

Billing Options: 1 Annual Payment (Due August 1); 2 Semi-annual Payments (August 1 & January 1); 10 Monthly Payments (August-May)

The billing options are subject to change for enrollments after July.

Sibling Discounts: The eldest child is at full tuition. 2nd @ 10% off; 3rd @ 15% off; 4th@ 20% off

The discount applies tuition only, does not apply to enrollment fees or Extended Day Care.

Early Morning Drop-off: Early drop-off is available 7:30-7:45am for an additional fee of $2.00/day.

Extended Day Care Contract *: Due in 9 Monthly Payments (September – May)

12 noon - 3:00pm$350$3,150
12 noon - 5:30pm$432$3,888
3:00 - 5:30pm$205$1,845

Drop-in Care available @$10.00 per hour. Pick up time is 5:30 PM. A late fee of $1.00/minute will be assessed after 5:30pm.

Pre–K Partial Week Options: (Priority given to 5 day/week students)

 MonthYearEnrollment Fee
4 days/week$602$6,020$250
3 days/week*$480$4,800$250
2 days/week*$325$3,250$250

* Option for PK2 and PK3 only

Uniforms Kindergarten-8: Uniforms are required for students in Kindergarten-8. A list of required and optional items may be obtained from Main School Office or from this website.

Note: Fees charged for extended day are subject to modification based on changes in the actual costs incurred by the school for these items.