When are tours available?

Tours are available during the school day by appointment. Check the Visit Us page for more information and please email Chloe Knauer at admissions@tesgalv.org if you have questions.

What test do you administer to prospective students?

Prospective students may be given an abbreviated entrance exam during their shadow day visit. Note, a shadow day may be scheduled after the application and supporting documents have been received by the TES Office of Admissions. 

What happens after I complete the entire process?

Following receipt of all required documentation, shadow day, assessment and interview (if applicable) the application moves to the review process. Following review, a decision letter is sent to the family electronically.

Tell me about the enrichment classes that are offered?

Enrichment Classes:

  • PK2-PK4 participate in weekly classes for Music and Movement and make monthly Library visits.
  • K-6 students participate in weekly Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art classes.
  • Grades 2-6 students have formal classes in Computer Science.
  • Middle School students participate in PE, Technology, Art, Spanish, Electives in Leadership classes.
  • All students take on leadership roles in Tuesday/Thursday Morning Chapel
Does your school administer standardized tests, if so, what type?
Yes. Our students are administered standardized test during the spring semester each school year.The IOWA Assessments happen annually for the CoGat are administered every other year https://www.testingmom.com/tests/cogat-test/
What are your school hours?

School hours are as follows:

  • PK2 – PK4 hours for the academic program are 8:00AM-12:00PM (Extended Day is available until 5:30PM)
  • K-8 hours are 8:00AM-3:00PM (Stay & Play Programs available until 5:30PM)
Do the students wear uniforms?
Yes. Trinity Episcopal School students in grades K-8 wear required uniform. Uniforms are purchased through Ibiley Uniform Company. Dress link for Grades Kindergarten through Grade 5   https://www.ibiley.com/dresscode.aspx?ar=ARE1TRINIT&dp=K-5T&div=K-5th&name=TRINITY%20EPISCOPAL%20SCHOOL Dress link for Middle School   https://www.ibiley.com/dresscode.aspx?ar=AR99TRINI&dp=PRIV&div=PRIVATE%20SCHOOL&name=TRINITY%20EPISCOPAL%20SCHOOL  
Has the 2018-2019 Calendar been published?

Yes. It is available on this website on the Calendar page and through Google Calendars.