Week At A Glance 9/23/17

Monday, September 25

Soccer Match HOME v. Trafton, 4:00PM at Sandhill Crane Soccer Complex

Collection day for Box Tops 4 Education. Send your Box Tops in a plastic baggie labeled with the teacher’s name, so your child’s class gets credit.

Tuesday, September 26

Chapel, 8:15AM (Logo Uniform)

PTO Board Meeting, 1:30PM in Kelso Library

Volleyball Match at AWAY @ Brazosport, 4:00/5:00PM

Wednesday, September 27

Reminder: Safeguarding God’s Children certification course, 5:45PM, MAC.

Thursday, September 28

Chapel, 8:15AM (Dress Uniform)

Grades K-5 go to the Opera House

Volleyball Match at HOME v. Eagle Heights, 4:30PM, MAC

Friday, September 29

Coffee & Chat w/ Mark and Amy, 7:45AM in the Leslie Otto Library.

Roland’s Retirement Breakfast, 8AM in Lunchroom. Parents, please stop by.

Housekeeping Notes

Reminder: Trinity School Sunday at Trinity Episcopal Church will be observed on Sunday, October 1, at the 10:30 AM Eucharist. All school families are invited to attend and help us show thanksgiving for our sponsoring parish. Children are welcome to the Service, but the nursery will be staffed 8:00AM-12:00PM for the youngest angels (3 and younger). Children age 4 -5th Grade are also invited to attend Godly Play (Children’s Sunday School). Reception will follow on the Garth.

Blessing of the Pets: The Beginning School will observe St. Francis of Assisi Day on Friday, October 6 at 8:15AM on their playground. The event commemorates St. Francis’ special love of animals. Each PK2-PK4 child is encouraged to bring a pet, a picture of a pet, or a stuffed animal to be blessed during chapel that morning. All live animals must be accompanied by an adult and must go home after chapel. Trinity Church will host a service on Sunday, October 1 at 4:30PM on the Garth and is open to students and pets of all ages.

Save the Date: TES Family Night is scheduled for Friday, October 13, 5:00-6:00PM. A full schedule will be published soon. Please make plans to come get a glimpse of what your child does at TES and build community with us.  The PTO Luau will follow at 6:00-7:00PM on the playground.

Upcoming Events

September 27                                     Safeguarding Class, 5:45PM, MAC

October 1                                             Trinity School Sunday, 10:30AM @ Trinity Church

October 4-6                                         Camp Allen Trip (6th Grade only)

October 9                                             No School (observance of Columbus Day)

October 13                                           Family Night, 5-6PM; PTO Luau, 6-7PM, Playground

October 16                                           Report cards go home (K-8)

October 16-20                                     Red Ribbon Week

October 19                                           General PTO Meeting

October 26                                           Individual Picture RETAKES

October 27                                           No School, SAES Professional Dev. Conference

October 29                                           Coffee & Chat w/ Mark and Amy, Otto Library

November 7-10                                   8th Grade History Trip to Boston

November 20-24                                No School – Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday Message 9/18/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

Homework is the opportunity for your child to put to use new information taught in class, to practice and synthesize, and to form questions for the next day of school.  Homework is also the number one school/home connection.  As a parent, your job is to offer support, encouragement, and assistance as needed.  These are the precious moments when you get to glimpse into your child’s day. Often times we ask our child, “What did you do in school today?” only to get the answer of, “NOTHING.”  To have better dialogue with your children and to find out what actually happened in school, it is better to ask directed questions vs. open-ended questions.  For example: “What did you read today?”  Or even better, “Tell me about a character in you reading book?”  “What math challenge did you have today?”  “What friend did you sit with at lunch?”  Engaging your child in these kinds of questions foster a meaningful home-school connection and get your child talking about their day.

Children need help in learning how to set priorities and maintain schedules.  Creating a routine, setting goals and meeting expectations are necessary learning experiences whose benefits far outweigh any struggles you may experience as you facilitate to establish them; however, do not fall into the trap of doing the work for your child.  This will be tempting, especially when you are tired, your child is tired, and it is late.  At these times, it might become necessary to allow your child to experience failure.  As you know, sometimes we learn best from our mistakes.  This is certainly true for children, if only we allow this to happen.  Turning in an assignment that is incomplete or late allows a student the opportunity to recognize the consequence of poor planning. Your role is to assist, support, encourage; but stop short of “doing.”  As hard as it might seem, you will be doing your child a huge favor in the years ahead, as well as facilitating his/her teacher to understand that there are still difficulties in mastery of the subject matter at hand.

I am proud to announce the

2017-2018 Trinity Episcopal School Student Council:

President- Maddy Pattillo

Vice President- Austin Gabriel

Secretary- Sara Gabriel

Treasurer- Leo Clark

Dance Chairman- Megan Maxwell

DASH chairman- Sasha Jaworski

Environmental Chairman- Noa Seigel

Pride Chairman- Evelyn Gault

Class Representatives:

                                                  Mr. Wheeler- Jane Charpentier                  Mrs. Higgins- Maggie Cragar

                                                  Mrs. Charpentier- Ariel Golan                    Mrs. Neblett– Grayson Root

                                                  Mrs. Cucco- Ella Sullivan                            

                                                  Mrs. Miller- Annie Boeh                              Mrs. Shaffner- Olivia Geller

                                                  Mrs. Kelemen-  Julian Gant                        Mrs. Funston- Sara Jolin

                                                  Mrs. Rushing- Caroline Livanec                 Mrs. Wisner Cora Buck

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School

Week At A Glance 9/17/17

Monday, September 18

Uniform Reminder: The only acceptable footwear for school is tennis shoes/sneakers with socks and outerwear should be solid navy, green, white, or black. Thank you.
New Access Point: Beginning today, the glass door on Ball Street will be the main access point AFTER 8:00 AM AND BEFORE 2:45 PM. Please note that morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up is not affected by the change.

Tuesday, September 19

  • Chapel, 8:15AM (Logo Uniform)
  • Soccer Match AWAY @ Honor Roll, 4:00PM
  • Volleyball Match at HOME v. Arcadia, 4:00PM, MAC

Wednesday, September 20

  • Today is the deadline to register for the Safeguarding God’s Children certification course. If you are interested in volunteering or being a frequent visitor on campus this course is required. The class will be held on Wednesday, September 27th but in order to attend you must be pre-registered by emailing Kelli Acosta at kacosta@tesgalv.org

Thursday, September 21

  • Chapel, 8:15AM (Dress Uniform)
  • Volleyball Match at HOME v. Family Christian, 4:00PM, MAC
  • Soccer Match at HOME v. Beaumont Legacy, 5:00PM at Sandhill Crane Soccer Complex

Friday, September 22

  • Artist Boat visits 7th Grade
  • Noon Dismissal – Carpool will operate as usual.
  • Afternoon Faculty/Staff Professional Development
  • Volleyball Tournament @ Beaumont Christian


Event/Date Change: We are bringing all the fun to you in one night! The TES Family Night has been rescheduled for Friday, October 13 with classroom visits 5:00-5:50PM.  
The PTO Back-to-School Social will immediate follow, 6:00-7:00PM on the playground. More details to follow. Please make plans to come get a glimpse of what your child does at TES and build community with us.
Reprinting Yearbooks: The 2016-2017 Charger yearbook will be reprinted by Balfour due to the “unfocused” appearance of many pages. Expect the new books in about 3 weeks. Books will be replaced as they were ordered, i.e. any personalization, etc. Please return the current yearbook in exchange for a new one. Thank you for your patience during this process. Contact Theresa Pistone tpistone@tesgalv.org or Kelli Acosta at kacosta@tesgalv.org if you have questions.
New Name-Same Game: The monthly Coordinators’ Coffee is now called Coffee & Chat w/ Mark and Amy. As usual, we welcome all TES parents to join us for coffee and donuts at 7:45AM in the Leslie Otto Library.
Invitation from the Parish: On Sunday, October 22 at 10:30, Bishop Jeff Fisher will be at Trinity to celebrate Baptism and Confirmation. We invite children, youth and adults to consider joining us at this time. If you are interested or have questions, contact Rev. Susan Kennard at susankennard@sbcglobal.net or Rev. Ed Thompson at (409)765-6317.

Upcoming Events

September 27                                   Safeguarding Class, 5:45PM, MAC
September 29                                   Coffee & Chat w/ Mark and Amy, LS Leslie Otto Library
October 1                                          Trinity School Sunday, 10:30AM @ Trinity Church
October 4-6                                       Camp Allen Trip (6th Grade only)
October 9                                          No School (observance of Columbus Day)
October 13                                        Family Night, 5-5:45PM Classroom visits
                                                             PTO Back-To-School Luau, 6:00-7:30PM
October 16                                        Report cards go home (K-8)
October 16-20                                  Red Ribbon Week
October 19                                        General PTO Meeting
October 26                                        Individual Picture RETAKES
October 27                                        No School, SAES Professional Dev. Conference
November 7-10                                8th Grade History Trip to Boston
November 20-24                              No School – Thanksgiving Holiday 

Monday Message 9/11/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

We are blessed to be part of the process of the formation of your children. Today’s society is bombarded with information. In today’s world we are information obsessed. Today we get information from friends, media and other outside sources and form a belief based on that information; however once new information comes our way we quickly have a new way of thinking and that is not formation it is nothing more than gathering new information.

Formation takes time and is a process. In readings and in discovery, in placing our children in a setting where they gather information and discover and form ideas based on what they truly believe and from their prior knowledge. Formation is understanding, empathy and taking complete ownership of something. It is cultivated over time. It is particularly hard for young children whose world tends to be self-centered driven by developmental factors. To understand another person we must temporarily forget about our own wants and needs. In attempting to understand others, we must be willing to accept that they may hold views and opinions very different from our own. When we come to understand another person, it does not mean we agree with their mind set. We all grow-up in different environments, with different influences and experiences that shape and form our opinions and view of life. We cannot really know someone until we first try to understand the world in which they are coming from.

My sons are now 29 and 27 and still forming their opinions and establishing relationships. My advice (though given sparingly) sometimes falls upon deaf ears. Patience is a necessity; part of being patient is just being quiet and listening. The world that I grew up in and the world in which our children are growing up in are quite different. Parenting does not come with a manual, but one thing has guided me well; by not focusing upon my world and seeking to understand their perspective I become a better parent.

  • Please do not text teachers during the course of the school day. I will be asking the teachers not to reply to texts during the school day. Emails are the best way to communicate and if immediate action is necessary please do not hesitate to call the front office.
  • Lastly, Congratulations to Ethan Caesar, Austin Gabriel, Nicolo Garofalo, Jacob Laforte, Anna Lyons, Kari Nance, and Alen Skormin for being invited to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) based on their scores from recent standardized tests. Congratulations! We salute you!

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School

Week At A Glance 9/5/17

Monday, September 4

• No School (observance of Labor Day)

Tuesday, September 5

• Classroom Chapel, 8:10AM (Logo Uniform)
• Volleyball Match at HOME v. Chinquapin, 4:00PM, MAC – CANCELLED

Wednesday, September 6

• Leslie Otto Library opens for grades K-5. Thank you to Lynsey Ginsberg who will be the parent volunteer coordinator for our library this school year.
Correction: TES Choir Auditions (Grades 4-8) will be held next Wednesday, September 13, 3:15PM, Music Room. Students are released immediate following their audition.

Thursday, September 7

• Chapel, 8:10AM (Dress Uniform)
• Volleyball Match AWAY @ Beaumont, 4:00/5:00PM – CANCELLED

Friday, September 8

Reminder: For parents who would like to volunteer or be frequent visitors during the school day. Parents must complete the Safeguarding God’s Children certification course. A session has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 5:45PM, Lunchroom. If you are interested, email Kelli Acosta at kacosta@tesgalv.org to get registered.

Upcoming Events

September 12 – Individual Picture Day (Dress Uniform), WRITE Brain Books, 4:15PM
September 13 – TES Choir Auditions (Grades 4-8)
September 14 – Coding Club 3:15/4:30PM
September 15 – Family Movie Night, Pickleball, 3:00/4:00PM
September 19 – Sign Language, MS Lunch Period
September 22  – Noon Dismissal, Faculty/Staff Professional Development
September 27 – Safeguarding Class, 5:45PM, Lunchroom
October 4-6 – Camp Allen Trip (6th Grade only)
October 9 – No School (observance of Columbus Day)
October 12 – Family Night, 5-7PM
October 19 – General PTO Meeting
October 26 – Individual Picture RETAKES
October 27 – No School, SAES Professional Dev. Conference

Monday Message 9/4/2017

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity,

What a whirlwind of a week! I am so proud of each and every one you of you. Everyone was affected by Hurricane Harvey, a storm of historic proportions, in some way and everyone witnessed humanity at its best. How did you fair from the storm? Please let us know if you need anything?

The church and school community came together on Wednesday for prayer service followed by a healthy day of clean up. Students found comfort in cleaning up their campus and getting together with their school community, but that was just the beginning. Trinity students rolled up their sleeves and got to work in Galveston and beyond. Students made and served hundreds of meals to displaced families, passed out drinks to workers, stocked shelves with food, and cleaned out houses that were severely damaged, all for the betterment of our community.

The school sustained some major roof damage in the MAC, Technology and Science rooms and parts of Moody Hall. These repairs will be taken care of throughout the next few months. The faculty and staff gathered on Friday to check in with each other, share information about our how our Trinity families fared and to prepare to receive our beloved children on Tuesday.

Through any storm in life when there is anguish three things will always get you through: Faith, Family and Friends and all three were truly witnessed this past week.

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School

Monday Message 8/28/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

Schools of the twenty-first century are expected to provide a level of safety and security unprecedented in the history of education. At Trinity, we have responded with a myriad of strategies to strengthen safety and security on our campus. Ever vigilant, the School Board, Administrative Team, Faculty and Staff are forever considering… what if?

Our intentional program of risk planning and mitigation begins prior to the first day of school when faculty/staff thoroughly reviews the school’s emergency management plan. Our school community will participate in more comprehensive preparations throughout the school year that will include procedures related to disaster/survival skills, emergency communication, tornado and fire drills, safe room-lock down, medical emergencies, active shooter on campus, bomb threats and a variety of other emergency response procedures and protocols.

All employees at TES are mandated reporters for the State of Texas. They must pass an extensive background check and are required to participate in Safeguarding God’s Children, an adult misconduct and child abuse prevention training offered by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Planning, preparation and practice are the keys to successful risk and emergency management and we will continue to promote these strategies to our school community. We will regularly review our safety checklist, meet with local law enforcement agencies, review best practices in school safety and existing laws, as well as audit all first aid supplies and crisis management kits. Trinity Episcopal School believes in a proactive approach to ensuring the safety and security of our children, our staff and our families. Our primary goal in the event of an emergency is to be as prepared as possible and that is why we practice, practice, practice. If or when the time comes, we will face the challenge of safety and security in a responsible, intentional manner that is designed to maintain calm and guarantee the well-being of our children and all others at Trinity.

Please stay tuned to TES website for school cancellation information. Please note that I will always ere on the side of caution, putting safety first.

School is cancelled for Monday, August 28th and we will decide on Tuesday and beyond as information becomes available. Updates will be posted by 2:00PM or earlier the day prior.

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School

Week At A Glance 8/25/17

Upcoming Events

September 4 – No School (observance of Labor Day)
September 6 – TES Choir Auditions (Grades 4-8), 3:15PM, Music Room
September 12 – Individual Picture Day (Dress Uniform)
September 22 – Faculty/Staff Professional Development, Noon Dismissal
September 27 – Safeguarding Class, 5:45PM, MAC
October 4-6 – Camp Allen Trip (6th Grade only)
October 9 – No School (observance of Columbus Day)
October 12 – Family Night, 5-7PM

Monday Message 8/21/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

We had an amazing turnout last Monday evening and the electricity carried through to our children on Wednesday. Your attendance sent a strong message, and for that I thank you.

Last week I shared about homework, routines and setting up good habits. This week it is important that you take a closer look at the books your child is taking home and begin to familiarize yourself with the Trinity curriculum.  It is significant that you have a better understanding of. We strongly encourage you to keep abreast of what your child is learning and how it is being taught, so that you can thoughtfully engage your child in conversation about what he or she is learning and support what your child is working to accomplish. Conversations will arise with your child and you want to support him or her in what they are trying to accomplish. This practice will alleviate frustration levels on all fronts.

Instruction is individualized at Trinity and we want to give every child the opportunity to be an independent thinker and learner embracing risk with confidence in all subject matter. As an independent school, this is only one facet of our dynamic curriculum. We need to ensure our students are continually exposed to the excitement that comes from learning. Students will continue to be outdoors completing hands on activities, they will continue to perform project- based learning and we will always stay true to the various learning styles that each child possesses. In pursuit of excellence we will stay true to the traditions that make Trinity special. One of those traditions is parent involvement.

We will have a Parents’ Safeguarding God’s Children class on Wednesday September 27th at 5:45p in the Moody Activity Center.

  • Anyone who plans to be on campus (volunteer, chaperone, driver for field trips, lunch monitor, etc.) more than 6 hours this year needs to be Safeguarding God’s Children (SGC) certified.
  • People are not added to the class until they complete all of the steps: interview, application, and background check.
  • You cannot show up on the day of the class to be certified without completing these steps.
  • Kelli Acosta will be the contact person for completing the steps and registering for the class. Contact Mrs. Acosta at kacosta@tesgalv.org to reserve a space.
  • If parents/volunteers miss the September class, we will not hold another one on campus until early spring. You are welcome to check the Diocese website and find an open class at another church/school.
  • It is a 5 year certification, if you would like to check your SGC status, please contact Kelli Acosta (kacosta@tesgalv.org) or Chloe Knauer (cknauer@tesgalv.org).
  • Parents/volunteers are responsible for the cost of their background check.

I look forward to seeing everybody Friday evening at the Back to School Luau!

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School

Week At A Glance 8/18/17

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown

Sunday, August 20

  • Blessing of the Backpacks at Trinity Episcopal Church, 10:30AM service

Monday, August 21

  • Solar eclipse viewing parties planned!
  • Middle School Athletics Meeting, 4:30PM in MAC for PARENTS
  • Piano lessons begin with Ms. Strong

Tuesday, August 22

  • Please communicate via email your child’s dismissal plans to his/her homeroom teacher

Wednesday August 23

Thursday, August 24

  • Volleyball Match at HOME v. Baytown, 4:00PM, MAC
  • Parker Uniform has informed us that here have been some order issues and therefore a blue or green polo will suffice

Friday, August 25

  • Luau Dress Day: Students may wear luau themed attire. Footwear as usual, socks and tennis shoes. Students not in luau themed attire should wear usual uniform dress.
  • PTO Back to School LUAU PARTY: 5:30 – 7:00PM on the playground
Upcoming Events

August 21 – Athletics Meeting, 4:30PM, MAC
August 24 – Volleyball Match at HOME v. Baytown, 4:00PM, MAC
August 25 – PTO Back-to-School Luau, 5:30-7:00PM
August 28 – Volleyball Match at HOME v. Clear Lake, 4:00PM, MAC
September 4 – No School (observance of Labor Day)
September 6 – TES Choir Auditions (Grades 4-8), 3:15PM, Music Room
September 12 – Individual Picture Day (Dress Uniform)
September 22 – Faculty/Staff Professional Development, Noon Dismissal
October 4-6 – Camp Allen Trip (6th Grade only)
October 9 – No School (observance of Columbus Day)