Sunday Roberts

PK4 Beginning School Assistant

I have over 12 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. Of those 12 years, 7 years have been spent in the Special  Education, Inclusion and Social Development environment. I am a BOI, and after moving away and starting our family, having two wonderful boys Colby and Tucker (both now in college), my husband and I have returned to the island where my heart belongs. I love being with kids, listening to the seagulls, and being with my dog Rudder.

Angela Bickham

Extended Day Teacher

I have worked at TES Beginning School for 9 years. My favorite hobby is reading, especially mystery novels. I'm an aunt to my beautiful nephew Lincoln!

Location(s) Beginning School
Education B.A. Lamar University
Experience 14 Years with PK-8, 9 Years at Trinity

Michelle Copeland

Extended Day Director

I have been working with little people for over 25 years and have been at Trinity for 17 years. I love singing in my church choir, walking on the beach with my husband Albert and spending time with my grandsons Jeremiah and Isaiah. My relationship with God and family are very important to me.

Location(s) Beginning School
Experience 25 Years with PK-8, 17 Years at Trinity

Patti Muniz

PK4 Teacher

I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and have been in the field for over 25 yrs. I’m a returning BOI and OC alumna. I have 2 boys in college, a granddaughter who is the apple of my eye, and a dog, Little, my roommate and BFF!

Location(s) Beginning School
Education B.A.S. University of Houston, Clear Lake
Experience 30 Years with PK-8, 2 Years at Trinity

Elizabeth Brown

PK4 Beginning School Assistant

This is my first year at Trinity Beginning School. I work as an aide in Mrs. Leimer’s 4 yr. old class. My husband and I are both Aggies (Whoop!) We have two daughters that attend Trinity (3rd grade & 8th grade), and we all live happily together with our little dog, Greta, and cat, Frank, here on Galveston Island.

Trisha Leimer

PK4 Teacher

This is my second-year teaching PK4 at Trinity. My husband, Scott, and I have two boys Luke (10) and Logan (9). We love spending time together as a family fishing, playing sports or just relaxing reading a book.

Location(s) Beginning School
Education B.S. Texas A&M University
Experience 11 Years with PK-8, 1 Year at Trinity

Leah Tovar

PK3 Beginning School Assistant

Born and raised in Galveston TX, I attended TES at the age of 3 yrs. old and finished 8th grade here, thereafter graduating from Ball High School, taking college courses at Galveston College, & earning many certifications. Very active in our church community, my husband & I serve as Children's Ministry Leaders. My heart & dedication towards children has always been a constant for me & I enjoy seeing the children in my church light up with the knowledge & creative thinking they have towards learning more about God!! Working over 10 years at UTMB, my husband and I decided after having our daughter, Sofia, that I would be a stay-at-home mom. It was the best decision, as enjoying and loving every minute of being able to enjoy my daughter for 5years was a moment in time I will never forget! We decided to put Sofia at TES starting Kindergarten in the Fall of 2017.

Location(s) Lower School, Beginning School
Experience 7 Years with PK-8, 2 Years at Trinity

Beth McGonigal

PK3 Teacher

I moved to Galveston from Baton Rouge on Valentine's Day of 2009. I love living and working here. I have 2 daughters and 2 dogs. My passions are children and being of service to my community and my church.

Location(s) Beginning School
Education B.A. Clemson University
Experience 1 Year with PK-8, 1 Year at Trinity

Sharon Martin

PK3 Beginning School Assistant

I have been retired for 3 years after 30 years of teaching. I live in Galveston with my cat Gina. I love spending time with my grandchildren Luke and Katie.

Maria Wheeler

PK3 Teacher

I have been teaching at Trinity for 28 yrs. My husband Charles and I are B.O.I.'s. We have four children, one daughter and three sons. They all attended Trinity thru 8th grade. I have three grandchildren which I am fortunate enough to see often. I enjoy reading, going to the movies and bike riding on the seawall.

Location(s) Beginning School
Education A.A. Galveston College
Experience 25 Years with PK-8, 31 Years at Trinity