I’m already paying tuition; why should I give more money?

Tuition income does not cover our school’s actual cost of educating our students.  Most accredited, independent schools have budgets in which tuition only covers a certain percentage of expenses. The Annual Fund is critical in bridging the gap between tuition income and actual operating costs. This year, we estimated the gap to be $1,900 per student. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) looks for schools to finance about 10% of their budgets through Annual Fund giving; over the years, approximately 5% of our operating budget has come from contributions to our Annual Fund.


Why not just raise tuition?

Raising tuition would place the entire burden of educating our students on current parents, and such increases would exclude many talented students and wonderful families.  Through giving campaigns such as the TES Annual Fund, independent schools can offer all supporters (not just current parents) the opportunity to make tax-deductible gifts and feel the deep satisfaction of knowing they are helping students have the best educational experience on the island.


Where does my money go?

The Annual Fund is used to meet the yearly operations budget.  The impact is immediate.  Every penny of our goal of $110,000 goes into the operating budget to enhance the program that we are able to offer our students each year. The Annual Fund supports expenses like:

  • The salary of our teachers and increased funding for their health and retirement benefits
  • Technology in every classroom
  • Curriculum materials and resources
  • Improvements to security for the safety of our students
  • Facility maintenance and upkeep
  • Fine arts supplies and resources

A strong Annual Fund also supports the availability of financial assistance for current and future students. With your Annual Fund gifts, we can significantly impact the program we offer students and keep the TES legacy strong.


Why does my participation matter?

Our goal is to have 100% participation from current parents, Trustees and faculty.  Many of the individuals, corporations and foundations that consider contributing to TES want to know that our Annual Fund is strong and widely supported by all of our stakeholders, including grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends. Gifts last year ranged from $25 to $25,000. Your participation is critically important, more so than the amount of the gift!