Special Events

While the Trinity calendar is full of fun and exciting happenings, it is highlighted by a few major events this school year: Trinity School Sunday, which is held each fall; the Fall carnival, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, which is held each winter; the Trinity Tribute Spring Fundraiser, which is held every other spring; and May Fete, which is held each spring.

Trinity School Sunday. For decades on the first Sunday in October, the Trinity school and church community have come together for Trinity School Sunday, a morning of fellowship and opportunity for the school to show thanksgiving for our sponsoring parish.

Grandparents and Special Friend Day. Celebrated each winter, we honor our elders  and special friends by recognizing them in Chapel, giving them a tour of our wonderful school and engaging is fun activities.  Set for Friday, March 8, 2019.

Trinity Tribute Spring Fundraiser.  Every other spring, the Trinity community gathers for a more formal event. This is an evening of glam and fun with a time-honored goal—to raise funds, further friendships, and celebrate the future of Trinity. This year, is our informal year.

May Fete. The oldest tradition held at Trinity School, Kindergarten through 4th grade presents a dance to honor the 5th grade court.  The 5th grade dances around the May Pole in celebration of spring.  May Fete is held the first Friday in May.