Monday Message 4/16/18

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity,

This has been a year of growth, education and dreaming of possibilities at Trinity Episcopal School, and I don’t mean just for our students! Our parent body, staff, and parishioners have seen our Annual Fund participation rate grow to unprecedented levels, with 100% support from key constituencies including our teachers, our administration, all other school employees, the school’s Board of Trustees, and the PTO. Support from school families is not yet unanimous, but it is very strong and is anticipated to grow even stronger. I personally want to thank all the families who have given their time and talent for the Trinity Tribute this Friday, April 20th.

Education has played a huge role in the expansion of the Annual Fund, as people have learned about the benefits of tax-deductible giving to the school. Not only do you save money on your taxes, but your generosity allows the school to support you in return. Every day our students visit the Innovation Lab; we utilize the gym divider for events and I watch the children fill their water bottles from the new fountains. In the classrooms technology is utilized in small group settings and teachers have had numerous opportunities for professional development. We have been able to support families that were affected by Hurricane Harvey and safety and security is well-maintained.

These landmark achievements are entirely due to your support of the Annual Fund; in just one year, by any measure, these are tremendous accomplishments for any school, and especially one of our size! Thanks to everyone who has supported the Annual Fund through outright gifts, sponsorship of events, Building Our Future paver purchases, and designated gifts; because of YOU we are able to celebrate the results detailed above, as well as offer tuition assistance, professional staff development, and cover expenses that are not as exciting to detail, but are critical to delivering on our promise to educate your children, nurture their curiosity and creativity, and to help them grow into good citizens of the world. Looking ahead, we dream of what else the Annual Fund can do with your continued support; the possibilities are numerous and exciting.

The Trinity Tribute Gala is a great opportunity to meet new people within our school community, as well as to participate in the spectacular, entertaining TES Class Projects Auction! Don’t miss this chance to purchase a unique piece of your children’s’ creativity. Additionally, I encourage you to peruse the slideshow of the amazing Silent Auction items donated by families and friends of Trinity, available on our school website beginning Tuesday, the 17th. In the meantime, you can find a link to RSVP to our Gala, celebrating 65 years of academic success, at

Mark Ravelli / Head of School
Trinity Episcopal School
720 Tremont Street Galveston, TX 77550