Monday Message 12/4/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

This past month I had the opportunity to visit all of the Middle School Advisories. I was proud to hear what the children were discussing with the collaboration and guidance of their Advisory (Recharge) leaders. Words like indifference and intolerable, judgmental and perception were not just thrown around, but were discussed in intentional and healthy ways. We as adults must recognize these little ears in the room and make certain we filter our conversations to ensure the innocence of our children endures true for as long as possible. There is a time and a place to have conversations with our children, and as the adults, we must be intentional and cautious in our conversations — as children are so literal in their thinking.

As children hit double digits in age they find out about Santa Claus; I remember when my magic was taken from me. I believe that this was a turning point in my life in becoming a young man. It also came with some innocence lost. We can look at this magical time of Advent as a time to prepare and to reflect and put things into perspective as we get ready for Christmas. We owe it to our children to let them be children for as long as possible. As the various tragedies of this year (Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs) unfolded some of the parents questioned which information should be shared and which shouldn’t; hopefully the attached article will be of some guidance. As a partnership we will continue to be proactive vs. reactive to ensure the safety and education of all our children.

How To Talk to Kids about Tragedies In the Media

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With warm regards,

Mark Ravelli / Head of School
Trinity Episcopal School
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