Monday Message 2/26/18

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity,

Much of this Monday Message is from my August 25th Monday Message. Schools of the twenty-first century are expected to provide a level of safety and security unprecedented in the history of education. At Trinity we have responded with a myriad of strategies to strengthen safety and security on our campus. Ever vigilant, the School’s Board, Administrative Team, Faculty and Staff are forever considering… what if?

Since the August 25th writing, Vegas, Summerlin Springs, and Parkland are places that are forever changed. Our intentional program of risk planning and mitigation begins on the first day of school when all Faculty and Staff thoroughly review Emergency Procedures. Our comprehensive review has included procedures related to disaster and survival skills, emergency communication, safe room-lock down, and active shooter on campus, emergency response procedures and protocols. These are reviewed and talked about throughout the school year.

Planning, preparation and practice are the keys to successful risk and emergency management, and we will continue to promote these strategies to the school community. Our Middle School students will be educated on, “if you see something, say something” later this week. We meet with local law enforcement agencies, review best practices in school safety and existing laws, talk with first responders and talk with other Head of Schools and leaders to ensure we are attentive to the vulnerability of our campus. Our preschool fence is being raised and I will continue to stay proactive to the school’s needs. Our primary goal in the event of an emergency is to be as prepared as possible and to maintain calm and well-being of our children and everyone else at Trinity.

Please be advised that our alternate dismissal place is First Baptist at 822 23rd Street directly across Ball Street. If we are in lock-down, you will not be allowed into the school and local police will direct parents to the alternate dismissal site.

For more helpful information, valuable statistics and insights, I encourage you to read this link:

With warm regards,

Mark Ravelli / Head of School
Trinity Episcopal School
720 Tremont Street Galveston, TX 77550