Monday Message 8-27

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity,

 We had an amazing turnout last Monday evening, and the excitement carried through to our children on the first day of school. Your attendance sent a strong message, and for that, I thank you.

 It is important to begin to establish healthy routines and good study habits. Please take a closer look at the books your child is bringing home and begin to familiarize yourself with the Trinity curriculum.  It is of significant importance that you have a better understanding of what your child is learning and how it is being taught. Conversations will arise with your child, and you want to support your student in what they are trying to accomplish. This practice will alleviate frustration levels on all fronts.

 Instruction is individualized at Trinity. We strive to give every child the opportunity to be an independent thinker and learner who embraces risk with confidence in all subject matter. As an independent school, this is only one facet of our dynamic curriculum. We work to ensure our students are continually exposed to the excitement that comes from learning.  As our PTO President Rashida Jolivet shared at our Orientation, studies have demonstrated that parent’s involvement in school has a direct positive correlation to their child’s educational outcome. In pursuit of excellence, we will stay true to the traditions that make Trinity special. One of those traditions is parent involvement. To that end, please see the important information below about becoming Safeguarded.


We will have a Parents’ Safeguarding God’s Children class on Wednesday, September 12th at 6:00 pm in the School Cafeteria


·         Anyone who plans to be on campus (volunteer, chaperone, drive for field trips, lunch monitor, etc.) more than 6 hours this year needs to be Safeguarding Gods Children (SGC) certified.

·         People are not added to the class until they complete all of the steps: interview, application, and background checkSTEPS to ATTEND

·         You cannot show up on the day of the class to be certified without completing these steps.

·         Rachel Brown will be the contact person for completing the steps and registering for the class. Please message Ms. Brown at to reserve your space.

·         If you are unable to attend the September class, we will offer another class on campus sometime this Winter. You are also welcome to check the Diocese website and find an open class at another church/school.

·         Safeguarding is a 5-year certification. If you would like to check your SGC status, please contact Rachel Brown at

·         Volunteers are responsible for the cost of their background check.

 With warm regards,

Mark Ravelli