Monday Message 1/10/2022

Dear Trinity Family,

During this first week of my tenure at Trinity Episcopal School, I have been doing what any good student does – I've been asking lots of questions and taking opportunities to observe the school in action. It has only been five days, four of them with students and there is a lot more for me to see and learn. However, I did finish the week with some insights – the wonderful qualities that make Trinity a school with such a wonderful reputation. Like every educator I know, I also recognized there are some challenges we should tackle to be sure that Trinity continues to serve children to the best of our abilities. Those are topics for another day.

A few ways that Trinity shines (from my first few days):

  • I must begin this list with the amazing children of Trinity. Last week, I was able to spend time in every classroom. It was an experience of joy, from the very little ones in Beginning School to the young adults in Middle School, that quite frankly often tower over me. I witnessed good kids, engaged in learning, striving to give their best, appropriately playful and respectful with their classmates and teachers, helping and encouraging one another.
  • I heard routinely of the importance of the E (Episcopal) in TES. That Episcopal tradition is visible in the chapel services, holiday celebrations, study of the Bible, and community service. It is also found in the invisible:
  • Focus on forming a life not building a resume
  • Vibrant, connected community that practices active, welcome hospitality and genuine inclusion
  • Moral and ethical discussion and action at all levels of the school
  • Meaningful commitment to social action and responsibility.

In my homily at chapel, I spoke to the idea that we are educating both the brain and the heart. We will continue to rely on that Episcopal tradition to retain the sweet spirit of Trinity.

  • Finally, I have witnessed community. While we all are frustrated that the pandemic continues to impact our lives, yet the community has pulled together to follow the required masking for our personal and community health. I have seen community in action as students reach out to help others, as families step in to help each other fill the gaps that happen in our busy lives.

After mentioning our caring community, I must mention a loss in our community. Michael Pistone, beloved husband of Theresa Pistone, our Technology Director and Teacher, passed away Sunday morning after an extended illness. Please keep Mrs. Pistone and her family in your prayers.

Trinity has, in this short time, found a place in my heart. Thank you!

Be well,