Monday Message 1-11-2021

Dear Trinity Parents/Guardians:


Trinity Episcopal School has served thousands of students and their families in an educational community marked by compassion, faith, intellectual curiosity, service to others, and academic rigor. We are deeply grateful to all the members of the Trinity community who have contributed so much to keep our school safe and open throughout this pandemic. Trinity is committed to its tradition of providing a well-rounded educational experience that prepares students for future success. The admission office invites families to re-enroll for next year beginning on Friday, January 22.


The board of trustees and administration have worked carefully to establish a budget for the 2021-2022 academic year that will allow Trinity to move forward with confidence. The primary source of funding for all aspects of our school’s life derives from tuition. We also depend on the Annual Fund campaign for critical additional funds. These crucial, tax-deductible donations fill the gap between the income tuition generates and the actual yearly cost of running the school.


Trinity's board of trustees recently approved the fee schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. To keep up with inflation and to raise faculty salaries and benefits, the tuition rates for 2021-2022 will increase at an average of 3.5% based on the grade level. There will be no increase in enrollment or PTO fees. The schedule of Tuition and Fees is published on the school website under the Admission Tab.


We are proud that we have continued to offer the best academic experience on the island for over 68 years. Please help us spread the word about the value of a Trinity education.


Thank you again for choosing Trinity.


Truly yours,


Mark Ravelli                                                   Catherine Garrison

Head of School                                               President, TES Board of Trustees