Monday Message 1-18-2021

Dear Trinity Families,

The health and safety of our community is my number one priority, and while the latest positivity rate of 12% reported by Galveston County is significantly better than the 20% rate reported at the end of last month, it is still cause for serious concern. This is a good time for each of us to be reminded that the health of our community is dependent upon sensible and cautious personal choices. These choices include the unfailing use of face coverings, keeping physically distant from those outside your family, frequent and thorough handwashing, limited travel, and strict avoidance of all large gatherings. Here at school, we know that our painstaking and multi-layered mitigation strategies are effective and that students are thriving; unlike many schools around the country, our campus has been up and running in person since August. In-person schooling is what is best for most children, and it is our objective to remain open while keeping everyone at Trinity safe.

Along with members of the health and safety task force and other school administrators, I stay in frequent contact with local CDC officials and UTMB doctors, and I want to emphatically ensure you that Trinity is thoughtful and intentional in staying vigilant and nimble in its approach to combating COVID-19. The Health, Safety and Facilities Governing Document is updated routinely to reflect the constantly evolving advice of medical and public health experts and includes links to CDC videos and up-to-date guidance. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to the following policy updates:

  • If an individual (student or adult employee) has a household member or has had close contact with someone who is experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms (within 48 hours of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms), the individual must stay home from school until the symptomatic person receives COVID-19 test results.
  • If an individual (student or adult employee) has possible COVID-19 symptoms and wishes to return to campus before the required 10-day self-isolation period, they must present negative results of a PCR test. Rapid (including rapid Biofire PCR) test results will not clear a child to return to school if they are showing symptoms.

I am inspired daily by the smiles I see on the faces of students and staff, beaming through the masks. As I have said before, they deserve to know that they are safe, secure, and cared for. During this challenging time, I am grateful for your dedication to the practices aimed at keeping all our Trinity community healthy and safe.

Be Safe,

Mark Ravelli

Head of School