Monday Message 12-6-2021

Dear Trinity Family,

For today's Monday Message, I wanted to share an essay by one of our Middle School students, Charlotte Cook. Charlotte does an excellent job of articulating why Trinity Episcopal School is such a special place. I challenge all of you during this holiday season to remember why it is that you belong to the Trinity family and what makes it unique.

We wish all of you a wonderul holiday season and we hope this time of year is filled with joy, peace, and good tidings for all of you!

Mr. Mark Ravelli, Head of School

My Years at Trinity by Charlotte Cook, TES 8th Grader

Sometimes you don’t realize how much a place has made an impact on you until it's gone. When I think of Trinity, I think of all the relationships I’ve formed here. It is where I met my best friend and so many other amazing people. It has been a part of my life for nine years, and the idea of moving somewhere else is scary. I have learned so much. I may not like it sometimes, but I know it will make my high school career so much easier.

I don’t remember much about elementary school. Through my early years I had my best friend there to make me laugh and smile. It was 5th grade when I finally started to really care about school and got Mrs. Schafner as my teacher. She was the first teacher that showed me how fun school could be. 5th grade was the year when I finally learned to really enjoy school. I loved to learn about reading, and I enjoyed learning how to write. It really showed me that learning was important and that it could be fun.

I was extremely nervous for middle school. However, I didn’t know how much better it would be. I loved 6th grade even though the classes were hard. I had great teachers and great friends. I loved learning and I loved the topics I was learning. Then Covid hit. We had to go online, and school got a lot harder. The rest of 6th grade was a blur of emotions. I was excited for 7th grade and in-person school and no longer nervous. My grades were good, and I was really happy. I loved school and all the activities elementary didn’t have to offer. I met my favorite teacher I’ve ever had even though she only taught me for a year. She taught me how to be passionate in my writing. I went online for a couple of sporadic weeks throughout the school year, which was not fun, but I was really happy to be back in person. I started playing school tennis and my reading level grew significantly.

I’m in 8th grade now and in my ninth year at Trinity. I can’t believe I’ve been at Trinity for so long. I remember being in kindergarten and envying the 8th graders, but now I’m one of them. I’m ready to live my last year of Trinity to the fullest. I love this school and all the people. That’s what Trinity means to me.