Monday Message 2/25

February 25. 2019

Dear Trinity Parents,

This past Friday was the deadline for re-enrollment. To the families of the students who completed re-enrollment before the deadline, I sincerely thank you!

Respecting deadlines is important and something we try to instill in our children at a young age. We ask students to complete homework within a certain set time, projects have deadlines, and realistic goals are set with an allotted time to complete. I believe that setting deadlines ensures good planning, solid communication, and conveys respect. Deadlines hold everyone accountable, and our dedication to an organization can often be judged by whether we honor assigned deadlines.

I ask that those families who missed the deadline and are planning to re-enroll their children at Trinity for next year, do so as soon as possible. Teacher contracts for next year will be going out shortly, and those contracts are based on enrollment. If I cannot get a solid read on our enrollment, then I cannot give teacher contracts out in a timely fashion. Importantly, please be advised that your child’s spot is no longer reserved; and per the Week At A Glance announcements that began December 2018, each student’s account will be charged the $75 new student fee in addition to the enrollment deposit and PTO dues.

Thank you for your commitment to Trinity and helping us plan for the future.

With warm regards,

Mark Ravelli,

Head of School