Monday Message 3-29-2021

Dear Trinity Families,


I am always asked by parents, “how can we help our kids build mental strength?” Words like grit and resilience always come to mind yet “the how” is a little difficult to articulate. These life lessons do not happen overnight and conversations throughout the formative years are vital to your child’s success. Last week I shared that E.Q., AKA Emotional Intelligence, trumps I.Q., AKA Intellectual Intelligence. Just last week, the University of California announced they will no longer use standardized testing as part of their admission process. Mental strength does require parents to pay attention to students’ perception of themselves and how they think, feel and act. Students must set goals, think positively of themselves, and take risks. This kind of resilience helps them build character and over time prevail over life's toughest challenges. Trinity will continue to focus on the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of all children.


A therapist explains how to raise mentally tough kids with a growth mindset in this article sent to me by one of our  lower school parents. Read in CNBC: LINK HERE


With warm regards,


Mark Ravelli

Head of School