Monday Message 4-26-2021

Dear Trinity Families,


This school year has been a challenge for our teachers. The level of stress has been exponentially higher due to COVID, and our faculty and staff have risen to the challenge to ensure we were able to engage and educate children in person all year. Among the people I admire most during this pandemic are health care workers, police and fire personnel, store clerks and restauranteurs, and educators! Our teachers worked throughout the summer logging long hours, preparing throughout the day, and working into the late evening to ensure your child is successful. They are forever standing on their feet, grading papers, writing emails, giving continuous feedback and encouragement to your child. They make certain that no child falls through the cracks. Our teachers have been on the frontlines, working weekends and holidays to ensure extraordinary experiences for their class. Our teachers have made the extreme changes necessary to support accommodated learning seamlessly.

We all look forward to the day when things are back to normal and I am certain that just as you can remember your fondest memory with a beloved teacher, so will your child. We all have a special memory of Mr. or Mrs. so and so who made a difference in your life. Teachers demonstrate acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for your child. They send small personal messages of encouragement and motivation each day. They know when to speak and when to smile and when to shake their head and say nothing. We all love our teachers and I ask you to please email your teachers and share the love during Teacher Appreciation Week May 3rd – 7th.




Mark Ravelli

Head of School