Monday Message 8-26-19

Monday Message 8-26-19

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity,


Schools of the twenty-first century are expected to provide a level of safety and security unprecedented in the history of education. At Trinity we have responded with a myriad of strategies to strengthen safety and security on our campus. All employees at Trinity are Mandated Reporters for the State of Texas; all employees must pass an extensive background check and are required to participate in Safeguarding God’s Children, an Adult Misconduct and Child Abuse Prevention training offered by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.


To that end, any parent who wishes to volunteer directly with children at school must first register for and complete a Safeguarding God’s Children class approved by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.  The certification must be renewed every 5 years.  A Safeguarding Class has been scheduled at Trinity for Thursday, September 5, at 5:30 PM in Eaton Hall.  Parents interested in this training must let Rachel Brown know by email at  no later than Wednesday, August 28.  We need your name and a current email address in order to start the process by sending an emailed invitation.  Once the email is received, please follow the link and instructions. The process must be completed by Tuesday, September 3rd for placement in the class on September 5.  Please note that the process is controlled by the Diocese of Texas: the School cannot place people in the class without their first registering via these steps.  Prospective volunteers will be asked to provide references and submit to a background screen.  If you are unsure if your Safeguarding Certification is current, please email Mrs. Brown at the email above.


With warm regards,


Mark Ravelli

Head of School