Monday Message 8-30-2021

Dear Trinity families

On behalf of the entire Trinity School community, sincere thanks for your generous contributions to our Annual Fund last school year. Your generous donations enabled Trinity to keep tuition down, continue with professional development, update our technology infrastructure to ensure a successful Bring Your Own Device Program and most importantly, purchase a new playground.

This summer, we were able to replace our Lower School playground and ensure a commitment to the Trinity student experience. We are grateful that you have taken part in our shared responsibility to support our essential and unique programs in mind, body, and spirit. Your generous contribution is a worthy investment as we know tuition dollars do not fully fund the school. This past week when I asked children, “What do you like best about Trinity?", the new playground was the reoccurring theme that resonated with the Lower School students.

Parents being able to get back on campus continues the momentum for an ambitious year here at Trinity. It is wonderful that you have chosen to take this leadership role not only to sustain our current excellence, but help ensure that we will continue to thrive in the future. Lastly, thank you for being responsible outside of school with COVID protocols to ensure we stay open throughout the school year.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Ravelli, Head of School