Monday Message 9/18/17

Dear Trinity Families and Friends,

Homework is the opportunity for your child to put to use new information taught in class, to practice and synthesize, and to form questions for the next day of school.  Homework is also the number one school/home connection.  As a parent, your job is to offer support, encouragement, and assistance as needed.  These are the precious moments when you get to glimpse into your child’s day. Often times we ask our child, “What did you do in school today?” only to get the answer of, “NOTHING.”  To have better dialogue with your children and to find out what actually happened in school, it is better to ask directed questions vs. open-ended questions.  For example: “What did you read today?”  Or even better, “Tell me about a character in you reading book?”  “What math challenge did you have today?”  “What friend did you sit with at lunch?”  Engaging your child in these kinds of questions foster a meaningful home-school connection and get your child talking about their day.

Children need help in learning how to set priorities and maintain schedules.  Creating a routine, setting goals and meeting expectations are necessary learning experiences whose benefits far outweigh any struggles you may experience as you facilitate to establish them; however, do not fall into the trap of doing the work for your child.  This will be tempting, especially when you are tired, your child is tired, and it is late.  At these times, it might become necessary to allow your child to experience failure.  As you know, sometimes we learn best from our mistakes.  This is certainly true for children, if only we allow this to happen.  Turning in an assignment that is incomplete or late allows a student the opportunity to recognize the consequence of poor planning. Your role is to assist, support, encourage; but stop short of “doing.”  As hard as it might seem, you will be doing your child a huge favor in the years ahead, as well as facilitating his/her teacher to understand that there are still difficulties in mastery of the subject matter at hand.

I am proud to announce the

2017-2018 Trinity Episcopal School Student Council:

President- Maddy Pattillo

Vice President- Austin Gabriel

Secretary- Sara Gabriel

Treasurer- Leo Clark

Dance Chairman- Megan Maxwell

DASH chairman- Sasha Jaworski

Environmental Chairman- Noa Seigel

Pride Chairman- Evelyn Gault

Class Representatives:

                                                  Mr. Wheeler- Jane Charpentier                  Mrs. Higgins- Maggie Cragar

                                                  Mrs. Charpentier- Ariel Golan                    Mrs. Neblett– Grayson Root

                                                  Mrs. Cucco- Ella Sullivan                            

                                                  Mrs. Miller- Annie Boeh                              Mrs. Shaffner- Olivia Geller

                                                  Mrs. Kelemen-  Julian Gant                        Mrs. Funston- Sara Jolin

                                                  Mrs. Rushing- Caroline Livanec                 Mrs. Wisner Cora Buck

With warm regards,

Mark J. Ravelli

Head of School