The mission of Trinity Episcopal School is to nurture children in a God-centered environment, filling hearts and minds with a passion for learning, a strong moral foundation, a commitment to social responsibility, and respect for all people.

Please click on the link below for our Health, Safety, and Facilities Governing Document. 

Please click the icon below to view the August 2021 Catered Lunch Menu from Chopin Mon Ami Catering. Each meal is $7.50 and 20 meals can be purchased at a time for $150. If you'd like to sign your child up for the catered lunch option, please email our Finance Director, Melanie Buck, at


Monday Message 9/4/2017

Dear Families and Friends of Trinity, What a whirlwind of a week! I am so proud of each and every one you of you. Everyone was affected by Hurricane Harvey, a storm of historic proportions, in some way and everyone witnessed humanity at its best. How did you fair from the storm? Please let us […]

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Week At A Glance 10/6/17

Sunday, October 8 Music Event Offer: The Galveston Symphony (GSO) is offering free student tickets to Trinity Episcopal School for the performances.  Each student can invite up to 2 adults to accompany them.  All families who are interested should send an email to Alice O’Quinn ( to reserve tickets.  The next symphony is today at […]

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